We understand the importance of a healthy lunch and the piece of mind that comes with knowing that your children are enjoying this important meal. We also believe that this meal time is a learning process in which children practice their Practical Life skills.

This is what lunchtime looks like at Pines Montessori School. 
All communities in our school gather in their classrooms, to prepare for lunch. They wash their hands, set their own place and decorate their community tables. Thanks to the generous spirit of our parents at the 2009 Spring Gala money was raised to purchase real place settings- plates and bowls, utensils- spoons and forks, pitchers and plastic “glasses”. Children participating in our catered lunch program spoon, scoop, or tong, their lunch from lovely bowls and baskets onto their plates. Children bringing healthy lunches from home unpack their lunches from their containers onto the plates. Children then sit at a table of their choice to share good manners, friendly conversations, and a delicious meal.

While enjoying this meal the lights are dimmed and music is softly playing, a true Montessori dining experience. After the children have finished their meals they scrape their dishes and wash them in a two-part sink of soapy water and clear water and place them in a bin to be disinfected by their teachers. The children then clean their tables and sweep the floor. During this time they took care of themselves, their environment, and were helpful to their younger peers. Lunchtime is a very enjoyable relaxing time for children.

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