Pines Montessori School offers Montessori education for children 6 weeks through 15 years through the following programs:

  • Infants 6 weeks- 18 months
  • Toddler 18 months – Age 3
  • Primary Age 3-6
  • Lower Elementary 1st – 3rd Grade
  • Upper Elementary 4th – 6th Grade
  • Middle School 7th -8th Grade

We include additional resources throughout the school community.

Spanish (Toddler, Primary, Lower, Upper and Middle School)

The acquisition of the Spanish language is introduced to the non-native speaker and enhanced for the native speaker in the same way we teach the Montessori Language Curriculum.  Hands on materials, language rich environments, and sequential phonetic materials take students from singing songs as a Toddler to sentence analysis in Middle School.

P.E. (Primary, Lower, Upper and Middle School)

Movement and coordination, healthy habits and good sportsmanship is taught through Physical Education.  Primary students begin when they participate in the afternoon work cycle.  Activities that strengthen hand-eye coordination and basic skills for sports take place in the field of Infinity Science Park.  Elementary students engage in team games and Middle School can often be seen using the extensive greenbelt system that surrounds the school.

Media (Lower, Upper and Middle School)

Beginning in Elementary, when the students have moved from the concrete to the abstract, we introduce the computer.  Beyond the “playing on the computer” that students enjoy, they are taught keyboarding and safe surfing practices.  They learn how to discern the validity of information on the web.  They receive lessons about hardware and software, taking apart computers and developing simple programs.  Small group lessons and open labs allow students to call for lessons and research all throughout the day.

Earth Connections (Primary and Elementary)

Complementing our Montessori curriculum, this course, taught weekly during the afternoon work cycle, focuses on botany, ecology and conservation.  Students work outside in their classroom gardens, take nature walks through our Infinity Science Park and Wetlands, and simply enjoy learning to appreciate the outdoors and understand nature.

Art and Music (Infant through Middle School)

The Montessori curriculum is rich with opportunities for children to express themselves and understand other cultures and history through art and music.  In the Cosmic Curriculum students can appreciate art and music through every subject, fractions in music, geometry in art, science in colors and language through music.  These lessons take place all throughout the work cycle.

Library (Infant through Middle School)

Our school’s library is brimming with titles both classic and new.  These books rotate for the seasons and are used to augment the classroom book collections.  Primary students have a weekly story time and Elementary and Middle School students can come to further their research.  Books can be checked out and enjoyed at home as well.

We also offer before- and after-school care through our Extended Care program.

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