The Pines Community Organization (PCO) wants to welcome your family to Pines Montessori School. The PCO works to enrich the lives of our families and school. With volunteers and funding, we are a dynamic part of Pines Montessori School.

In the classroom, we provide special supplies and extra activities. For our teachers, we aid them with staff development dollars which allows them to attend Montessori trainings here at our school and off-site. Our teachers are a great investment and we show them how much we appreciate all their hard work.

As Pines Montessori works to educate your child, the PCO holds a series of educational talks for the parents and hosts events that enhance our families lives.

If you have questions or want to become more involved with the Pines Community, please e-mail , call the school office or let your child’s teacher know your interest. We encourage everyone to consider how they can contribute to our Montessori community. Please visit our PCO and Parent Volunteer site.

How to learn about what’s going on:

  • E-mail’s from the PCO
  • Posters around the school
  • Coffee Socials
  • Pines Montessori School’s Web Site
  • School Calendar
  • School Marquee
  • Classroom Newsletters

Pines Montessori provides life lessons in the nurturing environment which all children deserve. Please volunteer and support our school’s community organization. The PCO is made up of Mom’s and Dad’s just like you! We work both in and out of the home and we look forward to meeting all new families and staying connected with our current families. Here’s to another phenomenal year.


3535 Cedar Knolls
Kingwood, Texas 77339

tel. 281-358-8933
fax 281-358-3162