Middle School

The Pines Montessori Middle School courses of study reflect an integration of the Montessori philosophy, the Texas elements of knowledge and skills, the newest research on the developmental needs of early adolescents, the state of the art in current learning theory, and the predictions of the skills needed for a productive life in the twenty-first century.

The curriculum and instruction is designed as a two-year program. The language, speech, Spanish, physical education, outdoor education, service learning, and fine arts are courses of continuous progress. The science, social studies, geography, health and math are studied by topics or concepts.

In the Middle School academic year, there are five cycles of work followed by an immersion week for land laboratory, internships, and testing. Each cycle is five weeks. At the end of the fifth week, there is a product presentation and a written self-assessment of the thematic project work. The cycle format is designed to help students learn organizational, decision-making, and time-management skills.

Middle School Sample Schedule

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