Our Infant community serves children from 6 weeks of age to 18 months. Dr. Maria Montessori believed that education as an “Aid to Life” begins from the period of pregnancy. In this nurturing environment at Pines, our teachers will meet the unique needs of both infants’ and their parents’ as their children begin their path toward independence.

We believe that adults are responsible to guide children along this path and that every moment is a learning opportunity. At each stage in development, we must meet children’s needs to maximize their developmental interests and potential. Infants are given freedom to move, eat, sleep, and communicate at will, guided by special materials and furniture to facilitate this development. Each family works with our Infant/ Toddler Montessori trained teacher to formulate an individual plan for feeding, resting, toileting, and activities. As infants’ interest in communication and movement grows, they begin to seek a broader environment for stimulation and become ready to join our Toddler community.

“Infancy is a period of true importance because when we want to infuse new ideas, to modify or better the customs or habits of a people, to breathe new vigor into its national traits, we must use the child as our vehicle….Out of this truth comes the importance of nursery schools, for it is the little ones who are building mankind and they can work only on the materials we give them.” — Dr. Maria Montessori

DFPS News Release: Safe Sleeping for Babies – Co-sleeping deaths in Texas are on record setting pace.  Read the article and visit the Room to Breath website for more information.

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