Tuition Assistance

Pines Montessori School offers Tuition Assistance to currently enrolled families to assist them with continuing their Montessori education. Assistance packages are granted for one academic year and may range from $500 up to a maximum of $2,000.00 per family. The application period for Tuition Assistance takes place during the two weeks of Continued Enrollment for the following academic year (usually, February). Due to the limited amount of funds available for Tuition Assistance, the application period is linked to the Continued Enrollment process. Applicants will be notified by e-mail approximately four weeks following the application deadline. All applicants must be enrolled at Pines Montessori School and be in good standing to be considered for Tuition Assistance.

Pines uses a nationally recognized service, TADS, Financial Aid Assessment, to process our applications.  TADS applies standardized criteria to determine to what extent each family needs assistance to pay for one year’s tuition. There is an application fee of $34.00 to apply for assistance.  The Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees will use this information from the TADS process to allocate the amount of financial aid available.  The TADS Financial Aid Worksheet below is designed to assist in completing the application.

Click here to apply at tads.comClick here to apply at

Monies for this program are raised through:

  • Annual Spring Gala
  • Giving Campaign
  • Other Fundraisers
  • Generous Donations
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