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It’s Election Day – A Learning Experience For Your Kids

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It’s a special time in a child’s life, when they get to see how our government works in the United States of America.  Hearing about the Presidential nominations, election and the outcomes is how these young impressionable students will learn to decipher the system for themselves.  Informing them about the issues that a candidate’s platform is built upon is a good start.  With the US Presidential Election process only occurring every four years, each election of your child’s life should be a springboard for discussions.  Starting early allows several opportunities to delve deeper into issues at hand as a student ages.  Begin by explaining the right and privilege of voting.  Share with them the American honor of getting to choose our political leaders.   Four years later, they may be old enough to add a bit about the candidates, to take them with you to show them the process of voting in the ballot box, and to tell them who you are voting for and why.  By the time a third election is witnessed, you can delve further into the process by offering history lessons, asking them to do some research and form their own opinions about the issues.  In the end, they will know how to make fully informed election choices on their own, as independent voters.  Be sure to highlight important topics of tolerance, forbearance, and consideration to fellow countrymen at every opportunity.

You will have instilled a true gift: The practice of using this democratic method as a way of being heard and of steering the future of our country.  Many young Americans of college age will now be voting for the first time.  This election has been a more controversial than most.  Rather than choosing a candidate based on gender or popularity, knowing and understanding the issues will be the more tactical method for casting a vote.  Having a firm foundation and educational knowledge of the election process is a sure way to boost the confidence of our decision makers of today and of the future.  By far, the best educational election instruction you can give your children is leading by example…   go vote!

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